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How do I get the digital receipt?

There are several possibilities to get your digital receipt. Either the QR code will be displayed on a screen at the check out and you can scan it with your smartphone or you show your personal QR Code in the app and it will be scanned. You don't necessarily need the anybill app to get your digital receipt as you can scan the QR code with your smartphone camera and store it in your documents.

Is it enough to get the receipt digitally or does it have to be printed?

The merchant has to offer you your receipt paper based or digitally. You will be asked at the check out how you want to receive your receipt. If you want to get it digitally it does not have to be printed as well. All information you can find on your paper based receipt will be displayed on your digital receipt as well.

How does anybill contribute to environmental protection?

Conventional till receipts are printed on thermal paper containing bisphenol A. As a "substance of very high concern", bisphenol A will even be banned as a coating for thermal paper in the EU from 2020. With anybill, the digital app for all your receipts, you can do without polluted paper and still get your receipt. But that's not all! We are also actively committed to our environment. Together with our partners, we want to make regular donations to help plant trees and do something good for you and nature. The more receipts you manage digitally in your anybill app, the more trees can be planted. Active together against climate change! With anybill.

Where do I find all participating shops?

You can find all participating shops in the app in our store finder. We are launching our "coming soon" section very soon. There you will find all shops that are in integrating anybill at the moment.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free for you! Download & register the app and get started!

With which security standards does anybill comply?

Anybill follows highest security standards like ISO 27018 and ISO 27010. We are storing and encrypting our data in Germany, therefore we are following all DSGVO standards.

Is it possible to redeem my coupons with the anybill app?

Every coupon you can find on your paper based receipt will be displayed in the app as well and you can redeem them easily at the check out with your personal QR Code. We are launching our new discover page very soon. You will find there all coupons, discounts and loyalty cards of our merchants.

Is it possible to upload my loyalty cards to the app?

We will allow you to upload your loyalty cards to the app very soon. You will also find discounts and coupons of our partners in the anybill app and it will be redeemed automatically at the check out.

Which partners does anybill already have?

We are currently working with several partners on the integration of anybill. However, it won't be long before you'll hear about it immediately in the app, on the website and on social media channels.

What can I do if my favourite shop is not yet a partner of anybill?

We are working hard to make sure that anybill will soon be available at all your favourite shops. You can find all participating merchants in our store finder in the anybill app. There are several shops integrating anybill at the moment. You will find them in our coming soon map very soon. You are also welcome to point out anybill to the person in charge at your favourite shop.

Is anybill following the DSGVO standards?

All data are encrypted and stored in a data centre in Germany. Therefore we have to follow the German data protection laws and follow very strict security standards.

Can I use the anybill app on every smartphone?

You can download the anybill app for iOS devices from the Appstore and for Android devices from the Google Playstore.

Can I use the digital receipts for accounting and tax purposes?

An added receipt at an anybill partner is legally valid and counts as a receipt for the tax return. Make sure that the complete receipt is photographed in the case of manually added receipts. You can always export your receipts as a PDF file, send it via email or upload it to one of our integrated management tools like DATEV, GetMyInvoices or fileee.

Can I pay with the app?

Soon it will not only be possible to save all receipts digitally with the anybill app, but also to pay conveniently. With the integrated mobile payment solution, you will then always have your personal shopping assistant with you.

Is my data secure?

We attach great importance to the security of your data! Your data will not be passed on to third parties unless you have expressly agreed to this beforehand. We make sure that all your data is always available to you and you also have the option to delete your account completely at any time. You can find all further information on the subject of data protection in the privacy policy of the anybill app.

Can I also use the digital receipts for returns, exchanges or warranty claims?

A digital receipt generated at our partner is accepted for returns, warranty claims and exchange of items. When digitising paper receipts via the photo function, please remember to photograph the complete receipt. This is the only way that the respective anybill partner can find all relevant information on the digital receipt in the event of a possible exchange. In individual cases, the acceptance of manually digitised receipts may depend on the goodwill of the retailer.

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