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How can I use anybill with my POS?

You can apply non-bindingly for the anybill service via this form. Alternatively, you can request onboarding via your POS software provider.

What do I do if my POS provider has not yet integrated anybill?

For an integration request, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Which POS systems are already supported?

You can find the supported POS systems linked here.

Is the receipt issue obligation fulfilled?

With anybill, the receipt output requirement is fulfilled. The legislator provides the choice of paper or electronic receipt issuance. According to §146a Abs. 4 AO: a receipt must be issued in any case, either electronically or printed, and offered to the customer to take away. The obligation to issue a receipt is fulfilled with the display of the receipt in the form of a QR code on the checkout screen and an informal declaration of consent by the customer, as this is deemed to be "offered".

What role does the TSE play in the electronic receipt?

The Technical Security Equipment (TSE) primarily concerns the cash register itself and is not affected by the anybill solution. The TSE-relevant data is output on the digital cash register receipt in the same way as on the printed version. 

Is the digital receipt sufficient or does it have to be printed additionally?

The receipt must be issued either electronically or in paper form and offered for takeaway. If the receipt is issued digitally, no additional receipt printing is required.

What is meant by transactions?

A transaction describes the issuing or provision of a digital receipt at the PoS.

How do I activate anybill in my POS?

The final activation depends on the POS system. Either the function is available directly after completed registration of the anybill service in your cash register or alternatively the final activation is done with one click by your cash register software provider.

What is anybill's billing model?

You can book digital receipts via our packages Small / Medium / Large or Individual. The standard packages each include a basic fee, which is booked directly with a number of transactions (credit). This means that the basic fee is credited directly as a transaction volume, anything above this is charged with a further transaction fee depending on the package.

Is the data storage compliant with DSGVO?

All data is encrypted and stored in a data center in Germany with the highest security standards. Therefore, they are subject to the German Data Protection Act and are therefore strictly regulated.

What requirements must be met before anybill can be used?

To use the anybill solution with your POS system, a POS integration must be available. This is either already available for your system through a partnership between anybill and the POS software provider or can be provided at any time on request.

What security standards does anybill meet?

We are guided by the highest security standards (e.g. ISO 27018 or ISO 27010 certification) and data storage is at all times DSGVO-compliant in Germany.

Does anybill comply with the EKaBS standard of the DFKA?

anybill follows the standard for digital receipt issuance (EKaBS) of the DFKA.

Is my customers' data secure?

Of course, personal data is not shared with third parties at any time. We can guarantee this protection through professional and complex authentication procedures.

What hardware do I need to use anybill?

No additional hardware is required to use the anybill services. It is possible to offer your customers digital receipts in various ways. The option of displaying the receipt in the form of a QR code requires a customer or terminal display.

Where can I store my preferred payment method?

The preferred payment method can be specified in the partner portal under Settings - Payment methods managed.

Where can I find my invoices?

You can find the invoices in the partner portal under Settings - Invoice overview / Credit note overview.

How can anybill be used in my company?

Digital document issuance can be done in a number of ways. The different options can either be used together or individually. In the first option, a QR code is scanned in the app with the scanner of the cash register. The customer then receives the receipt directly in the app. In option two, the receipt is displayed in the form of a QR code on the customer or terminal display and the customer has the option of either scanning the QR code using the standard cell phone camera (without app) or alternatively scanning it with the app. As a third option, customers can activate digital receipt holding with the bank card and then receive the receipt directly with card payment.

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