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For the first time, Mooncard and anybill enable digital receipting directly with a payment card
Mooncard is anybill's tech collaborator and a French market leader in corporate payment cards and spend management software. With Mooncard, transactions are automatically sent to the finance department together with a photo of the receipt. The process is designed to facilitate business expenses from purchase to accounting.
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Insurance as a Service: bsurance and anybill enable Embedded Insurance with digital receipts
bsurance bietet eine Reihe von digitalen B2B2C-Versicherungslösungen an, die für jede Dienstleistung oder jedes Produkt adaptiert werden können und direkt am Point of Sale eingebettet sind. Dabei verbindet bsurance Menschen mit dem richtigen Versicherungsprodukt direkt am Ort des Bedarfs – also am POS bzw. direkt auf dem digitalen Kassenbon.
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anybill wins strong partners and investors
The technology and partner network of anybill enables retailers of all sizes to issue receipts digitally with existing point of sale software systems. Consumers can store and manage the digital receipt flexibly on their smartphone. The SaaS company anybill is constantly expanding its partner network and, together with software partners, is pursuing the goal of digitizing retail. The latest Connected Retail partners include Diebold Nixdorf and Gebit Solutions.
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Jan Sobota becomes COO/CFO of anybill
Munich/Regensburg - January 20, 2022. Since the beginning of the year, Jan Sobota (40) has been Chief Operating & Financial Officer of anybill, enabler for digital receipts. In previous positions, Sobota has led businesses with full responsibility for Finance & Operations.
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anybill raises 1.9 million euros in seed round
Munich/Regensburg – October 27, 2021. Tech startup anybill has received seed funding of €1.9 million – High-Tech Gründerfonds and Ilavska Vuillermoz Capital  as well as other business angels, including PAYONEfounders Jan Kanieß and Carl Frederic Zitscher invested in the company. The funding is to be used primarily for the expansion of the acceptance infrastructure as well as further product development.
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Data platform thanks to digital receipts
Mikko Rieger got to the heart of the matter in his article at Payment & Banking: 2020 was not the year of the receipt - yet the topic of compulsory receipt issuance was present in all media at the beginning of the year. Voices were quickly raised from the public about the waste of paper and the flood of receipts that prevailed from 01 January 2020. Quick solutions were to become established and traders began to show interest in digital solutions.

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