For the sake of the environment.
Experience sustainability with anybill - We'll show you how.
Germany is the world champion in paper waste. Germans recycle a lot of paper - but consume more than any other country in the world.
It is 2020 and still kilometres of receipts are printed. Globally, thermal paper generates around 10 million tonnes of waste every year.
Did you know that cash register receipts are mostly made of thermal paper, a paper coated with chemicals, and thus cannot be recycled?
Will the requirement to issue receipts mean that even more receipts will now have to be printed? No! The law leaves the choice between paper or electronic receipt issuance. Digital receipts are therefore compliant with the law, legally valid and an environmentally friendly alternative.
Make a difference with us. With anybill, you can improve your ecological footprint, by saving paper and also actively doing something for the environment with the tree donation programme.
At the same time, with anybill you support global reforestation. Track via the Tree Level System, how many trees are planted through your support.