Verifone and anybill: Flexibility at the Point of Sale of the Future

Verifone and anybill: Flexibility at the Point of Sale of the Future


With Verifone, anybill has gained a strong partner with whom the future can be better digitally connected and greener directly at the point of sale. Verifone has many years of experience in the payment industry as well as forward-looking products and services for cashless payment - in the attended and unattended payment area.

When it comes to digital receipt issuance, anybill offers various solutions through which consumers can obtain digital receipts with anybill in retail stores. One way to get the digital receipt is to scan a QR code from a customer or terminal display directly at the register. Retailers and also restaurateurs can create a QR code via their POS system. This is shown directly on a display and can be scanned by consumers using the photo function of the anybill, retailer or banking App or the smartphone camera - without an App.

What does the QR code display have to do with Verifone payment terminals?

Verifone's partnership with anybill enables merchants to use Verifone payment terminals, such as the M400 or P400, as customer displays for QR code display and thus digital receipt issuance.

Since the Verifone payment terminal also functions as a display in addition to card acceptance, no additional customer display is required. Especially as a space-saving measure in the checkout area and for full flexibility and mobility, the payment terminal serves as an optimal option for the QR code display.

Together with Verifone, we ensure that our flexible digital receipt options are also available for individual situations, so that we can always find the right solution for every company.

The collaboration between Verifone and anybill is only just beginning. We are confident that especially the digital receipt in combination with the linking of the payment method will bring great potential. Coming soon!

anybill stands for partnerships - because we are convinced that together we are better.

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