So automatisierst Du Dein Belegmanagement mit GetMyInvoices und anybill

How to automate your document management


Companies, freelancers and solo self-employed people are continuously trying to avoid costs. Digitization and automation of processes play a major role in this. Nevertheless, the processing of invoices and receipts is often manual and paper-based. Among other things, this leads to tedious processing cycles and a lack of transparency. Nelly Brüssing, Marketing Manager at GetMyInvoices, explains how digital invoice management software and digital receipts can help you simplify and speed up your preparatory accounting.

Digital receipts, such as those provided by anybill via an infrastructure directly at the point of sale, open up a first step towards more efficient processes for your receipt management. Receipts that you receive, for example, when mailing a letter or filling up your tank via your smartphone are available digitally and no longer have to be scanned in. The second step for optimal preparatory accounting should be to link digital receipts with GetMyInvoices. An interface without media breaks then enables direct export to the GetMyInvoices invoice management software.

All documents immediately available

In GetMyInvoices, the receipts that anybill digitizes and issues in real time are available in a central document management system together with the invoices that you can automatically retrieve from customer portals, extract from e-mails and import from third-party solutions. Relevant information such as creator, document date and invoice amount is read by the OCR integrated in GetMyInvoices independently and with high reliability. So you don't have to type them manually when you need them in another application. Because GetMyInvoices transfers this invoice information together with the documents into numerous other solutions. These include applications from tax advisors, accounting systems, document management solutions and cloud storage. You can simply choose what you use.

Even if you don't work with an accountant or don't use an accounting tool, GetMyInvoices will help you efficiently organize the documents you need to keep. For example, you'll be able to assign documents - and even digital receipts - to categories, add individual tags to them and archive them. This makes it possible to find any document in the shortest possible time, for example when you are preparing your tax return or when an audit is imminent. In addition, you can link your bank accounts and assign receipts to transactions. These are automatically marked as paid, which saves you further effort.

Holistic digital invoice management

In addition, fewer errors occur that subsequently have to be corrected at great expense, and the lead time for invoices is shortened considerably. This in turn makes it possible to take advantage of discounts. In addition, you have the possibility to get an overview of your current financial situation within seconds - a good basis for well-founded decisions. In short: "Courage to the gap" and the scanning of receipts has lost nothing in times of a possible complete automation of receipt management. Holistic digital invoice management is the order of the day.

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