Snabble – Scan & Go Self-Checkout for the future commerce

Snabble – Scan & Go Self-Checkout for the future commerce


Snabble offers retailers a platform that enables easy integration of Scan & Go at the point of sale. anybill provides an infrastructure for retailers through a digital receipt management system. That's why we are convinced: It's a perfect match! Together, we are pursuing the goal of better digitizing the point of sale of the future for the customer of tomorrow.

Snabble promises 60% faster checkout process

Snabble supports companies in the retail sector in successfully exploiting the opportunities offered by ongoing digitization. With its innovative solutions for Scan & Go, self-checkout and mobile payment, Snabble offers customers the best possible customer journey directly at the point of sale. Retailers benefit from higher sales, an accelerated checkout process and more satisfied customers.

Snabble and anybill are sticking to it: Tomorrow's customers have high expectations! A VR Payment Study of 2020 proves that smartphones are already holistically integrated into the shopping process. Their customers expect technological advancements in the checkout and checkout area and, above all, automatic payment options.

Thanks to Snabble, the shopping process is made more time-saving and convenient. Retailers benefit not only from an increase in customer satisfaction of around 33%, but also from 60% faster checkout processes and higher shopping baskets.

Snabble as an app or also as an integration option

Snabble is focusing on "Bring Your Own Device" with shopping via app. Instead of expensive handheld scanners, customers simply use the Snabble app on their smartphone and benefit from a variety of payment methods. The functionality of the Snabble app can also be integrated into retailers' own apps via SDK.

How does the Snabble app work?

Even before they go shopping, customers create a shopping list at home - naturally with the products from the chosen store. Once they arrive at the store, they simply scan the barcodes of the desired products with the app. Meanwhile, the value of the shopping cart remains in view at all times. As soon as you have finished shopping, you simply pay directly in the app and leave the store.

What does the future hold?

Snabble and anybill share the goal of better digitizing the retail and providing as much added value as possible with as few touchpoints as necessary.

We believe in Snabble's Scan & Go technology and also in the vision of better digitization at the POS. In addition, we stick to our digital receipt technology, which can be integrated into any expandable POS system and received via various apps (e.g. banking apps or wallets).

Together we are shaping the retail technology of the future.

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