Rüdiger Lippmann from Wohnen & Kochen: "Digital receipts are very well received!" 

Rüdiger Lippmann from Wohnen & Kochen: "Digital receipts are very well received!" 


Cologne-Rodenkirchen. Rüdiger Lippmann is the owner of Wohnen & Kochen, a shop for selected cooking and baking products in Cologne-Rodenkirchen. In Lippmann's shop, everyone can find the right utensils for the hobby kitchen and bakery at home. Since the summer of 2021, Lippmann has been offering his customers digital receipts in addition to high-quality products. Lippmann learned about digital receipts from a promotional email from his credit card payment processor PAYONE, which advertised a pilot project with digital receipts. Lippmann swears by the ReLoTec cash register system.

Lippmann said of the POS system: "The POS software is user-friendly. The integration worked great and different payment methods are well implemented." With the additional feature for digital receipts, Lippmann is fully equipped for the customers of tomorrow.

How are digital receipts received by Lippmann's customers?

"With younger customers, I'd say up to 55, the digital receipts are very well received and quite a few customers scan the receipt themselves. Digital receipts are also popular for larger purchases, where the receipt is important for the guarantee," says Lippmann. He also adds that for smaller amounts, the option of not having to print out the receipt, but only displaying it on the customer display in the form of a QR code, is an interesting and, for him, welcome function to save on receipt waste. "Basically, customers see the avoidance of paper receipts as positive. After all, such a receipt with attached card receipt is at least 40cm long," adds Lippmann.

Innovative company for the future

According to Lippmann, the reaction to the new technology at Wohnen & Kochen has also been positive. Lippmann says: "We are also distinguishing ourselves as an innovative company." There is a need for some explanation when no receipt is printed out, because: "Sometimes customers get the impression that if no receipt is printed out, we have the money in the till in black. That is indeed sometimes brought up." However, Lippmann immediately dispels such mistrust in his shop in Cologne-Rodenkirchen and introduces his customers to the technology for digital receipts. His target group in his specialised household goods shop consists of up to 95% female customers. As arguments in favour of digital receipts, Lippmann often refers to the environmental factor, because digital receipts can save unnecessary thermal paper consumption. The digital receipt is also a welcome alternative for complaints and exchanges. It is easier to find than a printed receipt, which often disappears without a trace.

Uniform place for digital receipts is desired

In addition to the function of scanning the digital receipt, Lippmann would like to see a uniform place where digital receipts are collected. Customers would then be able to collect receipts in every conceivable shop and use a sorting function to select all receipts that are important in the long term. anybill is pursuing the goal of providing a digital receipt for every payment - in retailer apps, banking and payment apps or without an app - wherever tomorrow's consumers expect receipts. For comprehensive technical coverage, anybill relies on cash register integrations and with the flexible and scalable API services, merchants of all sizes and sectors have the possibility to issue digital receipts.

anybill acts as a technical enabler and enables digital receipts to be used as an embedded service in third-party applications such as banking or retailer apps via SDK modules.

We are encouraged by the positive response from Rüdiger Lippmann and look forward to equipping other retailers with the technology for digital receipts.

anybill stands for partnerships - because we are convinced that we are better together.


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