Relotec: Solutions for cash registers, merchandise management and video surveillance

Relotec: Solutions for cash registers, merchandise management and video surveillance


Mit Relotec hat anybill erneut einen starken Technologiepartner gewinnen können. Relotec bietet Lösungen für die Bereiche Kassen, Warenwirtschaft und Videoüberwachung an. Von der Kasse für Einsteiger über hoch entwickelte Lösungen für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen finden Händler bei Relotec immer genau das, was Geschäfte heute und in Zukunft brauchen.

Customized scanner cash register systems

Relotec offers excellent cash register systems that can be individually adapted to the needs and wishes of Relotec's customers. In doing so, Relotec emphasizes industry-specific solutions. For smaller stores such as lotto, tabacco or press, Relotec provides the optimal solution for the sales conditions. The same applies to toys, specialty retail and also video surveillance. Relotec offers ideal solutions for a connected and secured retail.

Cash register systems: scanner cash registers with touch screen

Relotec's retail POS systems are modern and forward-thinking - thanks to years of experience and cooperation with competent partners. They offer perfect interaction between hardware and the POS software. As a result, business owners have a high-quality merchandise management system that optimizes the workflows and processes of day-to-day operations and is easy to monitor. The cash registers themselves offer numerous additional functions and are individually adapted by Relotec to the needs of the respective business. A scanner cash register with touch screen is the means of choice for perfectly functioning transactions and in retail - so that retailers have more time for advising customers.

Modular POS checkout solutions made to measure

Every industry has its own special features. With Relotec's software solution, individual wishes can be catered for. This is because the PC-based software solution can be scaled according to desired requirements and adapted to company processes. Unlike open-source demo versions, retailers can flexibly expand the existing system with specific add-on modules and are thus agilely positioned for the future in terms of their corporate and supply structure. The adaptable POS solution grows with the business and the needs of the merchants.

Ideal for franchise chains: The Relotec Control Center

With the Relotec® Control Center, you can easily manage any number of stores. You can use the connection manager to automatically retrieve or send store and sales data. You can have various sales and comparison reports output sorted by individual stores or for all stores together. Of course, it is possible to create and quickly change all merchandise and merchandise groups. In addition, you can manage customers and suppliers as well as promotion prices and optimize your deliveries. Your scanner checkout can provide you with valuable services in this regard.

Modern software universally applicable

Relotec has managed to develop a modern and highly functional POS software based on years of experience. Powerful, user-friendly and versatile like the trade, especially the retail trade, the cash register software "ReloPos" leaves nothing else to wish for. The maximum customer benefit was always in the foreground during the development of the software. Since ReloPos is an exclusive Relotec product, customization requests can also be implemented at short notice.

In combination with the Relotec cash register manager, retailers have the complete all-round supply. The numerous new functions of the "ReloPos" POS software and the optimization of all POS systems themselves, fascinate every user. The newly developed software is perfectly tailored to Relotec's cash register manager and ensures extremely fast and easy operation. Relotec regularly works on the further development of the POS software, so that the POS systems can be used completely individually and efficiently and meet the modern requirements of the retail trade.

We are pleased that we have been able to win a strong partner in Relotec to support us in our vision of making the point of sale of the future more digital and better connected.

anybill stands for partnerships - because we are convinced that together we are better.

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