POS.expert: Flexible checkout solutions for beginners, professionals and chain stores

POS.expert: Flexible checkout solutions for beginners, professionals and chain stores


With POS.expert, anybill has once again been able to win a strong technology partner. POS.expert is a software manufacturer and has been developing POS software with a focus on cash register and merchandise management for over 25 years. POS.expert develops POS solutions for different industries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The POS software meets the requirements of retailers and chain stores, but also of e.g. museums, clinics, city councils, etc.

POS.expert is convinced that nowadays a modern POS software has to do more than just support the efficient completion of all tasks at the point of sale. POS.expert promises a powerful merchandise management with cash register, which complies with the cash register guidelines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. No matter if kiosk, supermarket or a local store: POS.expert checkout software can be used across all industries and can be easily adapted to the respective industry-specific requirements.

POS.expert complies with the legal requirements. No matter if GoBD, TSE, DSFinV-K or the RKSV in Austria. With POS.expert, retailers are prepared for any audit. The register runs locally on the merchant's computer, so that cash can be collected at any time, even without the Internet. In addition, POS.expert runs on any Windows-based terminal device, so that merchants can quickly convert their PC into a cash register that is compliant with the tax office and start cashing up immediately.

For beginners – POS.expert LIGHT

The POS system POS.expert LIGHT is specific for beginners and small entrepreneurs. All important and relevant functions that merchants need are integrated. Additional functions such as the customer master, the DATEV interface and much more can be added based on the individual wishes of merchants.

For professionals – POS.expert PROFESSIONAL

The POS.expert professional POS software for retail can do more than just simplify checkout processes. The POS.expert professional POS software for retail is a powerful merchandise management system with cash register. Today, no company can operate without a well-functioning merchandise management system with cash register. With merchandise management, articles, customer and supplier data are easily linked with each other. As an enterprise resource planning system with cash register, POS.expert professional POS software offers all functions that can be expected from a powerful enterprise resource planning system with cash register.

The recording of stock movements with goods receipt and goods issue log, the creation of delivery bills and invoices is done in no time with POS.expert merchandise management with cash register. A comfortable order management, a clear ordering system, various print functions, a cash book as well as an extensive reporting system and much more facilitate the everyday life of retailers.

For chain stores – POS.expert MASTER

Mit bietet POS.expert für den Filialisten zusätzliche Möglichkeiten, die Filialen mit Stammdaten zu versorgen. Unterschiedliche Lieferanten, Artikel und Verkaufspreise können einfach über unser POS.expert Master an die Filialen verteilt werden.

With POS.expert Master and POS.expert ZAM , POS.expert offers additional possibilities for the chain store operator to provide the stores with master data. Different suppliers, articles and sales prices can be easily distributed to the stores via our POS.expert Master.

The POS.expert solution is also frequently used in combination with POS.expert professional and POS.expert MASTER in the context of store systems for connection to a central merchandise management system.

We are pleased to have won POS.expert as a strong partner to support us in our vision of making the point of sale of the future more digital and better networked.

anybill stands for partnerships - because we are convinced that together we are better.

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