anybill for Business

anybill for Business


Our anybill technology offers digital solutions for networking at the point of sale. Together with our partners, we enable the legally compliant issuing of digital till receipts in combination with smart added values for the point of sale of the future.

For this purpose, anybill offers three different options for digital receipt issuance, which we also make available to you in the form of our SDK and white label solution for your existing retailer app or banking app.


We offer three flexible options for the digital receipt directly at the point of sale:


Either the QR code in the customer's app is scanned by the cash register scanner or the customer independently scans the QR code on the customer display of the cash register using the photo function of the app or smartphone. Our one-touch solution enables you and the customer to carry out a simultaneous payment and receipt process. All customers have to do is link their means of payment to the anybill technology so that the digital receipt appears directly on their smartphone once the payment process is complete.


Our aim is to offer customers as much added value as possible in offline retail with as few contact points as necessary - from mobile payment, including the digital till receipt, to smart couponing and loyalty.


Together we are shaping a better connected and digital point of sale of the future.

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