Mooncard und anybill ermöglichen erstmals digitalen Belegerhalt direkt mit dem Zahlungsmittel

For the first time, Mooncard and anybill enable digital receipting directly with a payment card

  • Mooncard and anybill enable digital receipt to be generated without additional processes such as QR code scanning or landing page forwarding.
  • The digital receipt is directly linked to the transaction and automatically available in the Mooncard payment overview - available for expense reports - without any further steps

Paris/München/Regensburg – September 22, 2022. Mooncard is anybill's tech collaborator and a French market leader in corporate payment cards and spend management software. With Mooncard, transactions are automatically sent to the finance department together with a photo of the receipt. The process is designed to facilitate business expenses from purchase to accounting. 

With Mooncard, the expense report is automatically pre-filled with data from the transaction (including amount, purchase category, VAT, etc.) and the recoverable VAT is automatically calculated. The data is 100% reliable and tamper-proof. All information is transferred to the accounting system in the form of accounting entries without the need to re-enter it.

Employees who have a Mooncard are reminded to manually photograph the printed receipts and upload them to the payment overview as soon as the employees have made a purchase with their Mooncard payment card.

Digital receipt linked directly to payment - receipt and transaction

The step with Mooncard of manually photographing receipts in the app is eliminated through the combination of Mooncard's smart corporate cards with anybill's technical interface. Mooncard users can receive digital receipts directly following a card payment - without any additional processes.

For anybill, Mooncard is the first partner to go live with this function and an important step towards automatically linking digital receipts to card payments. This means that a QR code scan or intermediate step with a landing page or similar is no longer necessary. Mooncard payment card users can use it as an identifier that automatically matches the transaction with the digital receipt without any further action required. The receipt is sent directly to the Mooncard payment overview, linked to the transaction and thus directly available for expense reporting – without any extra steps.

Alexandra Lüke, CPO at anybill, on the partnership with mooncard:

"Together with our new partner Mooncard, we are taking the first important step towards digital receipt transmission - linking it to the payment transaction. The collaboration enables seamless receipt processing without an additional QR code scan or intermediate step with a landing page. The digital receipt is delivered directly to the Mooncard payment overview and linked to the transaction. Very practical for an expense report, for example, as no extra step is required."

Alexandre Smadja, Strategy Director at Mooncard, on the partnership with anybill:

"When I first heard about anybill and their mission to digitize receipts, I immediately knew there was great potential for collaboration. We have a shared vision of a fully integrated payment process, and the technological synergies we are developing to make this a reality for Mooncard users are very exciting!"

About Mooncard

Mooncard was founded in 2016 by Tristan Leteurtre (President) and Damien Metzger (CTO), and is led by Pierre-Yves Roizot (CEO). It is a market leader in new generation business cards and spend management software.

The Mooncard corporate payment card is secure and customizable payment method businesses can give to their employees. Real-time controls enable businesses to set limits and authorize or deactivate days of week, times of day, and types of purchases (e.g. online, cash withdrawal, restaurants, etc.) Management software and an accounting engine then fully automate administrative processes such as accounting data entry, digital receipt storage, and VAT recovery.

Thanks to the collaboration with anybill, it is now possible for Mooncard users to automatically receive digital receipts in connection with their Mooncard corporate card. The digital receipts are displayed directly in the payment overview of the transaction.

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