Mastering Digitization and Growth in the Hospitality Industry with Gewinnblick

Mastering Digitization and Growth in the Hospitality Industry with Gewinnblick


anybill has gained a strong and reliable partner in Gewinnblick GmbH. As a digitalization designer, Gewinnblick conceives digital overall concepts for gastronomy and the hotel industry, starting from cash register and payment systems.

Gewinnblick GmbH - a strong team

Under the motto "Seeing what really counts", 85 employees from 10 locations look after 14,000 customers.

"With our customer promise, we offer more than just a POS system: our Gewinnblick concept consists of detailed consulting, the creation of an individual digitization concept from the best solutions on the market, and on-site service - 365 days a year on site with more than 40 years of industry experience." Michael Ebner, CEO Gewinbnblick GmbH

Gewinnblick as the digitalization shaper of tomorrow

Gewinnblick is passionate about driving digitization in the hospitality industry. Starting with the cash register as the heart of every business, the portfolio covers all areas in service, kitchen and office: From digital payment options directly at the guest to kitchen and bar monitoring to marketing & CRM as well as self-ordering & take-away - flexibly in the cloud subscription model or stationary directly at the customer. Now new: the digital receipt with anybill and Gewinnblick.

Digitize simply and effectively

Digitization in the hospitality industry doesn't always have to be difficult and costly. With the following tips from Gewinnblick, improvements can be made quickly:

  • Integrated table reservations take work away and are expected by digital guests.
  • Mobile order entry saves walking distances and quickly triggers food and beverage production.
  • Cashless payment speeds up table turnaround and, via automation, day-end closing.
  • E-receipts are not only environmentally friendly, but also create a modern image.
  • Kitchen monitors and bar monitoring simplify processes and enable the use of lateral staff.
  • The digital cash book with cash register and tax consultant interface saves time in the back office.
  • Staff scheduling makes team communication and shift planning much easier.

Keeping an eye on the bottom line, mastering digitization in an uncomplicated way, and ensuring satisfaction among staff and guests - these are the noticeable effects of the Gewinnblick concept and the comprehensive digital solutions.

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Digital POS systems especially for the catering and hotel industry

High-performance POS and payment systems are particularly in demand in the restaurant and hotel industry. Gewinnblick provides comprehensive advice and finds the best solution for all customers, tailored to their needs - Amadeus360 or gastronovi. The digital receipt can already be booked by all Gewinnblick customers with anybill in the Gastro-MIS software from Amadeus360.

We are very pleased about the cooperation with Gewinnblick and are confident that the hotel and restaurant industry will soon be unthinkable without digital receipts.  

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