anybill and Microsoft for Startups: Support for faster growth

Microsoft for Startups: Support for faster growth


anybill is part of the Microsoft Startup Program. Opportunities in the program include numerous benefits, such as individual consulting on technical issues related to Microsoft and Microsoft Cloud, as well as consulting on Azure Data Services. In addition, after several scoping sessions, the issues and approaches are talked through with experts from Microsoft and the proposed solutions are discussed. The program also enables us to receive special training on topics such as cloud and service architecture.

A great advantage for us as a startup is the rapid acquisition of knowledge directly from Microsoft and the associated collaboration with Microsoft employees, so that the products can also be optimally integrated into our existing infrastructure.

About Microsoft for Startups

The program supports startups in technology, go-to-market and the necessary community, which increases the success of startups. Primarily B2B startups, the program is already helping startups from more than 140 countries connect their innovative solutions with Microsoft's enterprise customers.

Microsoft is committed to addressing the needs of diverse startup communities worldwide. Microsoft for Startups offerings include a wide range of technical and commercial support, as well as a unique set of vertical development opportunities such as Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Quantum Technology and Autonomous Driving.

We look forward to our joint collaboration and Microsoft's support to enable digital point-of-sale receipts across the board, transforming merchants' existing point-of-sale systems for tomorrow's customers.

About anybill

The goal of anybill is to provide digital receipts to every payment - in merchant apps, banking and payment apps, or without any app – wherever the consumer of tomorrow expect receipts. For a high availability, anybill focuses on cash register integrations. With scalable API services, merchants of any size and industry have the possibility to issue digital receipts. anybill acts as an enabler for issuing receipts and provides SDK modules for third-party applications such as banking or merchant apps to offer digital receipts as an embedded service.

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