Link bank accounts and keep track of all finances

Link bank accounts and keep track of all finances


With the new update of the anybill App, it is now possible to link bank accounts. Thanks to the Open Banking approach, users can manage all their finances in one App and also link each transaction to the matching receipt.

With the multibanking function, we are a decisive step closer to a fully comprehensive solution for shopping and spending management:

Users can view digital receipts and, at the same time, all past transactions from their linked banks. Here, any bank account can be added with anybill, in line with the Open Banking approach.

Here, as with other multibanking apps, an important feature is the real-time overview of one's finances: The expense manager in the anybill App provides a holistic overview of all expenses, which are automatically sorted by category.

All in the anybill app and, as always, also available as a whitelabel feature.

In the future, it will also be possible to receive the receipt digitally in real time with the card payment - in line with the motto of one-touch technology.

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