HickelSOFT Huth GmbH: The industry solution for cash register, logistics and office

HickelSOFT Huth GmbH: The industry solution for cash register, logistics and office


HickelSOFT Huth GmbH distributes CORAplus, a powerful merchandise management program and cash register system, optimized for the beverage trade. CORAplus is constantly being further developed in cooperation with customers to optimally meet the requirements of the market.

We are pleased to have gained another strong technology partner in HickelSOFT Huth GmbH.

The POS system is optimally connected to the merchandise management system, so that the software can be tailored to the individual needs and requirements of retailers.

CORAplus: Flexible software for the beverage industry

CORAplus was developed for daily use in the beverage trade and was designed from the outset exclusively for its specific requirements, both for the wholesale trade and the retail trade and home service.

CORAplus is easy to use thanks to its simple and clearly structured user interface and clear menu navigation. In master data and document processing, dealers are shown all essential information at a glance.

CORAplus consists of a basic module and more than 40 optional program modules that can be used independently of each other. 

The modular structure enables ideal adaptation to a wide range of requirements, depending on the size and needs of the business. Single-user solutions and standalone cash registers are just as feasible as complex networks with several workstations and multiple cash registers.

Thus, CORAplus can be adapted to the needs and requirements of retailers at any time.

We are pleased to have won a strong partner in HickelSOFT Huth GmbH, who supports us in our vision of making the point of sale of the future more digital and better networked.

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