Geberts Systems: Cash register software for various industries

Geberts Systems: Cash register software for various industries


anybill has won a strong and reliable sales partner in the company Gebert Systems. With Gebert Systems, different cash register solutions can be used in a wide variety of industries and application areas and also come with the appropriate cash registers and POS systems from a single source.

Individual service at Gebert Systems

Professional cash register software, comprehensive advice and correct programming of the cash register are a matter of course for Gebert Systems. With more than 20 years of experience in the areas of POS systems and POS software, together with a large selection of systems for various requirements, Gebert Systems offers the optimal all-round service in Chemnitz, Leipzig, Dresden and the surrounding area.

The POS software is adapted by Gebert Systems to customer requirements and wishes and set up ready for operation. A fully functional POS solution with appropriate POS software and individual instruction is guaranteed at Gebert Systems.

LaCash cash register software for different areas of application

Gebert Systems offers LaCash POS software for modern retailers, restaurants, hairdressers and bakeries. This software is modular in design and can be expanded with supplementary modules. LaCash POS systems are always adapted to the specific requirements of the industry. Due to the modular design, the POS system can be individually assembled, which means that you only pay for the functions that you really need. However, extensions are possible at any time afterwards.

Internet based POS software

KORONA.pos Cloud POS software is an affordable store POS software for small to medium sized retail businesses offered by Gebert Systems. This secure and fast internet-based POS software can be conveniently controlled from the office or from home. In the process, all cash registers function even without being connected to an active Internet connection.

If the POS software is required as an app, Gebert Systems works with GASTROFIX as a POS app for iPads and iPhones.

We are pleased that we have been able to win a strong partner in Gebert Systems to support us in our vision of making the point of sale of the future more digital and better connected.

anybill stands for partnerships - because we are convinced that together we are better.


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