Gastro-MIS with POS solution Amadeus360: the digital toolbox for gastronomy

Gastro-MIS with POS solution Amadeus360: the digital toolbox for gastronomy


With Gastro-MIS and its POS solution Amadeus360, anybill has once again won a strong technology partner.  Amadeus360 functions as a digital toolbox for the gastronomy industry: The platform-based software with modular structure is flexibly expandable from the POS system and digital ordering function to accounting and personnel management components to recipe calculation and AI-supported forecasts for number-based business management. It grows along with the 1-place system up to complex franchise control.

Amadeus360: Toolbox for the gastronomy industry

Amadeus360 provides all the tools for long-term success. The gastronomy software consists of various components: the AmadeusKasse, kitchen monitoring, the webshop AmadeusGo and the in-house selfordering solution, vouchers, store management, merchandise deployment, personnel management, Amadeus360 interfaces, reporting, central item management and the accounting star, the GobD-compliant cash book. With Amadeus360, Gastro-MIS has always been a pioneer in the area of digitalization at the POS and accordingly already had a QR code solution in its portfolio for digital cash register receipts. This has now been expanded and supplemented by the acceptance app infrastructure from anybill.

With Amadeus360, Gastro-MIS relies on partners, interfaces and long-standing customers as guarantors of success

The partially local POS system supplemented by cloud components and the open architecture of Amadeus360 make it possible to connect numerous external providers and thus combine the advantages of both product worlds. Amadeus360 supports all major protocols, ensuring communication with external software and devices. Links to bar systems, DATEV or personnel services are just a few examples of the more than 40 interfaces. With over 5,000 Amadeus customers, Gastro-MIS is one of the largest providers of PC-based POS systems in Germany. In addition to computer cash registers, Android handhelds are one of the company's specialties.

Amadeus360: Suitable for any size of company

Both the POS and the complementary cloud services adapt to the business environment. 1-space systems are for small, often family-run restaurants, pubs or bars that only need a single cash register. Even franchise systems with counter sales often use only a stand-alone cash register. Restaurants with table service, long distances, multiple rooms or many seats rely on multiple and especially mobile POS systems. Franchises, chain stores and groups have increased organizational and analytical needs. The often inhomogeneous landscape in restaurants further complicates the task of unified control. Therefore, clear management and controlling tools are needed for strategic business planning. All these options are combined in Amademus360!

anybill is the latest integrated feature in the Amadeus360 POS solution from Gastro-MIS. Together, Gastro-MIS and anybill enable a better connected and more sustainable point of sale - using digital cash register receipts.

anybill can be integrated into any expandable POS system to enable digital receipts. Customers only need a smartphone for this and can, for example, scan a QR code at the checkout using the smartphone's camera and thus receive digital receipts directly at the checkout - even without an app - digitally and directly on the smartphone.

anybill stands for partnerships - because we are convinced that together we are better.

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