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It is not uncommon for sales slips to end up in the waste paper bin by mistake. What many people don't know is that conventional receipts are printed on thermal paper containing bisphenol A. As a "substance of very high concern", bisphenol A will even be banned as a coating for thermal paper in the EU from 2020. It is therefore particularly important that receipts containing bisphenol A do not end up in waste paper, as the substance can otherwise enter the environment via recycled paper products. According to a report by the Federal Environment Agency, bisphenol A has hormonal effects and can even impair the reproductive capacity of living beings. Studies have already shown that the substance damages reproduction and development in fish and amphibians. With anybill, the digital app for all your receipts, you can not only do without polluted thermal paper, but also make an active contribution to environmental protection and still receive your receipt. 

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