Data platform thanks to digital receipts

Data platform thanks to digital receipts


Mikko Rieger got to the heart of the matter in his article at Payment & Banking: 2020 was not the year of the receipt - yet the topic of compulsory receipt issuance was present in all media at the beginning of the year. Voices were quickly raised from the public about the waste of paper and the flood of receipts that prevailed from 01 January 2020. Quick solutions were to become established and traders began to show interest in digital solutions.

This is a conceivable tailwind for the technology and infrastructure company anybill, which is pursuing the vision of digitising the till receipt, establishing associated smart added values for retailers, customers and credit institutions and, for example, using omni-channel strategies to better digitally link online and offline retail.


Challenge "digital receipt" accepted

Rieger discusses the challenges currently facing companies that want to offer digital receipts in conjunction with smart added values. This includes why Corona has not exactly promoted the digitalisation of the receipt and shows which possible usage scenarios the digital receipt can establish.

Read more about smart added values in connection with digital receipts and the digital receipt as a data platform here.

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