BioBill: Efficient and powerful cash register software for the organic industry

BioBill: Efficient and powerful cash register software for the organic industry


With Bits & Bytes Service und Lernen GmbH and its BioBill checkout system, anybill has once again won a strong technology partner. Bits & Bytes is a pioneer in the field of digitalization of organic trade and provider of a comprehensive industry solution. In doing so, they develop first-class and sustainable software solutions and, with the additional offer of custom-fit hardware, are the successful full-service provider for all aspects of checkout systems, merchandise management, delivery services and web stores. In addition, Bits & Bytes offers a defined interface management between retail and wholesale. In addition to its very extensive range of products, Bits & Bytes focuses on competent service and support as well as regular innovative software updates.

Bits & Bytes' client portfolio includes over 4500 companies in the organic sector. Bits & Bytes is already backed by more than 30 employees who themselves identify strongly with the organic sector.

The advantages of the BioBill cash register

Whether farm store or complex branch system - every organic business benefits from BioBill: intuitive operation and excellent suitability for use, e.g. at cashier stations, in counter, baking stand and bistro areas. The BioBill cash register is available as BioBill full version, BioBill Mini and BioBill Self-Checkout. Each system is equipped with DSFinV-K and certified technical security equipment (TSE). Further advantages are the freely designable touch interface for an individual layout, comprehensive customer loyalty systems, seamless connection to the BioOffice merchandise management system, deposit settlement directly at the checkout, EC and card payment with direct connection to the checkout and much more.

BioBill is also available for unpacked modules. Customers can take their own containers with them. Before filling the containers, customers weigh them on a scale and note the displayed empty weight on a slip of paper/label or directly on the respective container. After the containers have been filled by the customers themselves, they are weighed directly at the checkout, the empty weight per container is deducted and paid for.

anybill is the latest feature to be integrated into the BioBill checkout solution from Bits & Bytes. Together, BioBill and anybill enable a better connected and more sustainable point of sale - by means of digital cash register receipts.

Retailers with BioBill x anybill

Sammy from BioSam is a convinced retailer who uses the BioBill POS system from Bits & Bytes in his stores and also issues digital receipts using the interface from anybill. Sammy comments on the overall solution, "I'm thrilled!"

anybill can be integrated with any expandable POS system to enable digital receipts. Customers only need a smartphone for this and can, for example, scan a QR code at the checkout using the smartphone's camera and thus receive digital receipts directly at the checkout - even without an app - digitally and directly on the smartphone.

anybill stands for partnerships - because we are convinced that together we are better.

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