The Management-Team at anybill: Alexandra Lüke, Tobias Gubo, Lea Frank und Jan Sobota

anybill wins strong partners and investors

  • anybill continues to drive the digitalization of the retail industry and forms the interface between retailers, POS system operators and consumers for the issuance and acceptance of digital receipts. Tons of thermal paper waste are eliminated and new opportunities arise for e.g. loyalty programs
  • anybill's growing network of partners, including Diebold Nixdorf and Gebit Solutions, accelerates the acquisition of new key accounts and enables the issuance of digital receipts to an increasing number of merchants
  • In particular, the anybill team is to grow further in 2022. For this purpose, anybill has received further growth capital from renowned investors and business angels

Munich/Regensburg – Aug 8th 22. The technology and partner network of anybill enables retailers of all sizes to issue receipts digitally with existing point of sale software systems. Consumers can store and manage the digital receipt flexibly on their smartphone. The SaaS company anybill is constantly expanding its partner network and, together with software partners, is pursuing the goal of digitizing retail. The latest Connected Retail partners include Diebold Nixdorf and Gebit Solutions. Both companies are global leaders in digital retail solutions. With the anybill integration, they can offer their customers a sophisticated solution for issuing digital receipts. In order to further advance its planned growth in 2022, anybill has received additional financing. Thus, the amount of seed funding could be extended to around 5 million euros. 

Retailers have been facing ever-increasing challenges in stationary retail not only since the receipt issue requirement came into force in 2020. The expectations of customers are changing, who are now demanding ecological and sustainable strategies in retail. anybill is pursuing the goal of providing a digital receipt for every payment – in retailer apps, wallets, banking and payment apps or without an app - wherever digital receipts are expected and needed. The company positions itself as a tech enabler and aims to close a relevant gap in the existing (payment) infrastructure and act as a platform for all stakeholders. One of the most important components in the large-scale technical coverage is anybill's partner network. 18 additional software partners have been acquired by anybill within the past seven months, further expanding the partner ecosystem.

Lea Frank, Co-Founder and CEO of anybill, on the funding and partner ecosystem of anybill: "By gaining partners on the software and investor side, we came a significant step closer to our goal as an enabler for the issuance, acceptance and further processing of digital receipts. We are firmly convinced that the digital receipt will be the 'new normal' in the future and that we can bring about this state with strong partnerships and our modern technologies. In the future, we will ask ourselves why we relied on paper receipts in the first place, thereby not only unnecessarily polluting the environment every day, but at the same time leaving value-creating potential untapped. anybill enables true value-added services around payment and can significantly contribute to enabling full automation around digital receipt management in the future."

Bernd Wendeln, Managing Director, and Christophe Aumaître, Principal of WENVEST Capital, about anybill:

"We were immediately inspired by the team at anybill, as well as convinced that with anybill they could become the FinTech player in the market that solves a really tangible and big problem. The vast amounts of useless receipts that become direct waste need to be converted into a digital format, thus bringing back value to all stakeholders. We are looking forward to a great cooperation.”

Planned growth at anybill for 2022

The tech company anybill was able to attract additional investors to further drive the growth of the startup. On board are Mutschler VenturesWENVEST Capital and the Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund, as well as well-known founders as business angels. Moreover, in addition to the Payone founders, who already invested in the young company last year, the team was able to win AVG, another industry expert with many years of experience in payment network operations, as an investor. Existing investors such as Ilavska Vuillermoz Capital continue to place their trust in anybill and have also participated in the round again.

Sylvie Mutschler, Managing Director, and Maximilian Engelken, Managing Director of Mutschler Ventures, on anybill:

"We look forward to working with a fantastic founder and her Co-founder and Management team, who we trust will make anybill a category leader."

The nearly 30-member anybill team is at the center of the company's growth plans. The financing will be used primarily to support the employees with new colleagues. To be able to sell and scale the mature product portfolio even better in the future, anybill is particularly looking for motivated team members in Sales, Customer Success Management and Tech.

More information on current open positions.

About Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund

The Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund, based in Berlin, was founded in 2021 by Bettine Schmitz and Dr. Gesa Miczaika with the motivation to bring more diversity into the startup and venture capital world. The co-investment fund focuses on investments in companies with at least one female founder who must hold at least 20% of the founders' shares. The investment focus is on Europe and on the pre-seed and seed phases.

About Mutschler Ventures

Mutschler Ventures was founded in 2007 with an initial focus on digital business models and platforms. They now invest in a broad range of technology topics in B2B SaaS, e-health, mobility, climate tech and fintech. The investment focus is on early stage to Series A.

Mutschler Ventures AG, part of a single-family office, sees itself as an active investor. It supports its portfolio companies in a wide range of strategic or conceptual issues. With Auto1, Adyen or Flink, Mutschler Ventures can already count several unicorns to its portfolio and brings this experience into its investments.

About WENVEST Capital

WENVEST Capital is a private investment firm and an entrepreneurial growth venture capital investor. The team at WENVEST Capital is dedicated to supporting tomorrow's digital leaders with capital, expertise, and network.

WENVEST Capital is based in Munich and invests mainly in the seed phase in B2B SaaS business models in the areas of digitalization, "Health & Living" and environment and focuses on the DACH region.

About anybill 

The goal of anybill is to provide digital receipts to every payment - in merchant apps, banking and payment apps, or without any app - wherever the consumer of tomorrow expect receipts. For a high availability, anybill focuses on cash register integrations. With scalable API services, merchants of any size and industry have the possibility to issue digital receipts. anybill acts as an enabler for issuing receipts and provides SDK modules for third-party applications such as banking or merchant apps to offer digital receipts as an embedded service. anybill was founded in December 2019 by Lea Frank, Tobias Gubo and Patrick Göttler and has locations in Regensburg and Munich.

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