A digital receipt for every payment

Receive your digital receipt right at the checkout with anybill. No app or registration needed - isn't that easy?
Illustrated representation of a digital receipt and means of payment

How does the preservation of digital receipts work?

A person scans a QR code from a screen with a smartphone
Without an App and registration
Display QR code with receipt on customer display or terminal display.
Scan QR code with smartphone camera and get digital receipt.
without additional app
without providing private data
A person scans a QR code from a smartphone screen with a handheld scanner
Via QR code in anybill partner apps or linked customer card
Scan the QR code in the app with the scanner at the check out and receive the receipt directly in the app. It is also possible to use the customer card to collect bonus points and receive digital receipts at the same time.
directly into an app with anybill module
with linked loyalty card
A person pays with a card at a point-of-sale terminal and simultaneously receives a notification on their mobile screen for a digital receipt.
Via linked banking cards or alternative payment methods
In the future the banking card can be connected to anybill and digital receipts can be received directly when paying with the banking card.
one-time activation of the bank card
receive digital receipts for purchases without further scanning

Flexible receipt receiving

Whether it's a retailer app, web portal, banking app or other channels - anybill enables the technical infrastructure to provide and receive the receipt digitally anywhere, anytime.
Video of interaction with "Add to App" feature on getmy.anybill.co.uk website on a mobile display
Video of interaction with "Save PDF" function on getmy.anybill.co.uk website on a mobile display
Video of interaction with an example bank app in which anybill is added and digital receipts are displayed as a result

Where can I get digital receipts?

The advantages at a glance

More than digital receipts. All the smart features at a glance.
Digital and environmentally friendly
Completely without fading and without environmentally harmful thermal paper
Management of expenses
All your expenses in a detailed overview.
Legally compliant receipt
Replaces your paper based receipts and is legally binding.
Warranty tracker
Manage guarantees with reminder function.
Open Banking
Link to your bank account for full financial overview.
Document manager
Real-time synchronization with your accounting tool.
Abstract representation of the topic of data protection through a square by indicating the European flag through the circle of stars. Inside the circle there is a padlock
anybill attaches great importance to your privacy and the security of your data. Therefore, we do not share any of your personal data with third parties.
Even within anybill, we store your data according to the highest security standards, such as ISO 27017 or ISO 27001 certification.

Any questions?

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