Vouchery - Akzeptanz- und Processing Partner von anybill



Vouchery.io is an API-based marketing platform that helps businesses to automate timely-triggered, personalized sales promotions like coupons, discounts, vouchers, and loyalty, and synchronize their redemption across multi-channel customer journeys: online, mobile, and in stores. The platform features a flexible set of rules and restrictions to limit promotions to customer segments, products, categories, locations, time, and more. Vouchery Promo Hub can be easily integrated with any 3rd party marketing platform, ensuring real-time coupon distribution via email, SMS, or messaging apps like WhatsApp. All designed to drive customer action and bridge the gap between online, mobile, and offline channels, increasing customer engagement in the result.

Vouchery-Anybill integration enables Businesses to generate customer-specific promotions based on their digital bill, whether it’s a bonus reward based on basket value or loyalty points for shopping. Moreover, through the Vouchery-Anybill POS connector, Brands can leverage complex Promotional Workflows created on the Vouchery dashboard to enable automated coupon redemption across popular retail stores.

Supported Features:

- Promotional Workflows, for integrating coupons into the personalized multi-channel customer journey
- Ready-to-use set of restrictions that can be added to each coupon, eg. min. spending value, customer segment or short voucher timeframe like valid only in the lunch hours
- Complex Promo Rules that enable promotions specific to the product, its category, or quantity
- Reporting Dashboard, that includes Guest Persona data with available and redeemed vouchers, loyalty points, and gift-card credits

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