trbo - Akzeptanz- und Processing Partner von anybill



trbo is the leading technology provider for dynamic onsite personalization, optimization and testing. trbo’s AI-driven onsite personalization platform allows users to customize website content, A/B and multivariant test, and serve recommendations down to the individual level using machine learning. trbo’s self-learning algorithm analyzes user behavior based on 50+ visitor characteristics, creating highly personalized, unforgettable website experiences for their customers. Incredibly agile and easy to use, trbo’s toolset allows users to make changes in real time and serve their customers’ needs right away. 

Major retailers, publishers, and manufacturers across all industries such as L'Oreal, WeightWatchers, Eddie Bauer, Faber-Castell, Zwilling, Ströer, and many more rely on trbo’s comprehensive services.

trbo & Anybill in combination enable personalized experiences on the digital receipt.

Shopping is linked online and offline, offline purchases are used to optimize the online experience, thus enabling a 360-degree view of the customer.

The technical integration is seamless and easy. AI-based next-best-offers are calculated and determined individually for each user.

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