Mooncard and anybill enable digital receipting directly with a payment card



Mooncard was founded in 2016 by Tristan Leteurtre (President) and Damien Metzger (CTO), and is led by Pierre-Yves Roizot (CEO). It is a market leader in new generation business cards and spend management software.

The Mooncard corporate payment card is secure and customizable payment method businesses can give to their employees. Real-time controls enable businesses to set limits and authorize or deactivate days of week, times of day, and types of purchases (e.g. online, cash withdrawal, restaurants, etc.) Management software and an accounting engine then fully automate administrative processes such as accounting data entry, digital receipt storage, and VAT recovery.

Thanks to the collaboration with anybill, it is now possible for Mooncard users to automatically receive digital receipts in connection with their Mooncard corporate card. The digital receipts are displayed directly in the payment overview of the transaction.

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