Cookbutler - Akzeptanz- und Processing Partner von anybill



Cookbutler is the leading platform of "smart recipes". Using an application programming interface (API), partner companies can search the recipe database and call up content. Cookbutler offers professional photos, consistent ingredient lists with uniform quantities and recipe instructions written by nutritionists or chefs. In addition to legal security and rights of use (licenses), display within the user's own app is possible within the framework of white labeling. The recipe data is refined with numerous information such as nutritional values, allergies, nutrients and more. This database-based storage allows for numerous filtering and dynamic functions, such as the generation of shopping lists with online ordering functions, personalized shopping and nutritional advice, or food-drink pairing.

Cookbutler and anybill offer customers the option to suggest suitable cooking recipes to users based on purchases. The digital receipts from anybill are thus enriched with the smart recipes from Cookbutler and generate significant added value for the user through individualized, professional recipe photos, ingredient lists, step-by-step recipe instructions including associated nutritional information.

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