ecolytiq - Akzeptanz- und Processing Partner von anybill



ecolytiq's Sustainability-as-a-Service solution enables banks, fintech companies and financial service providers to show their customers what individual impact their purchasing behavior has on the environment. The ecolytiq software calculates personal environmental impacts, such as CO2 values, based on payment transactions. ecolytiq also provides a library that clearly explains content, background and information about individual environmental impacts. ecolytiq pursues the goal of empowering consumers to reduce their own environmental impact in the long run. For this purpose, ecolytiq not only provides the appropriate content, but also offers adequate CO2 compensation offers from selected and certified organizations, which are available via its own marketplace.

ecolytiq and anybill are working together on the "Digital Receipt Footprinting Project" to provide greater transparency about individual environmental impacts. The main innovation of the cooperation is the display of CO2 footprints on digital receipts: for each purchase, the environmental impact caused is indicated as a CO2 value per receipt. The aim of the partnership is to motivate as many consumers as possible to make more conscious purchasing decisions in this way.

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