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In addition to payment transactions, create added value and enable new customer interactions.
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Illustrated representation of a digital receipt, a credit card and code snippets

Beyond Payment - Digital receipts as an additional and valuable service

A person pays with a card at a point-of-sale terminal and simultaneously receives a notification on their mobile screen for a digital receipt.
Our vision - full automation and reduced customer touchpoints. With our technologies, digital receipts can be received with the card payment.
After activating your means of payment for receiving digital receipts it will be used as an identifier at the checkout to match your payment and receipt.

A digital receipt for each payment

Tomorrow's customers expect fully integrated services.
Today there is a gap in a customer's journey that we can close by combining purchasing details and payments.
Abstract illustration of the extended possibilities by using anybill regarding digital receipts on the smartphone

New dimensions in the payment ecosystem

We are providing the technical basis for this ecosystem by combining our POS Software ecosystem and our network of partners.
We make payment even smarter by offering services that are adding true value for your customers.
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