The partner network of the digital receipt

anybill enables the technology for issuing and receiving digital receipts directly at the point of sale - together with strong technology partners.
We work with leading companies
Illustrated representation of a digital receipt, a screen with a QR code for scanning, a digital receipt in PDF format, the anybill portal and code snippets

Integrate the digital receipt as standard in the POS software system

The anybill interface allows you to offer your customers legally compliant receipt issuance.
With anybill and the acceptance applications, customers can accept digital receipts at the point of sale.

Create strong multiplier effects

Your POS software is enhanced with powerful additional features through the anybill interface.
Latest technologies
Whether software, hardware or infrastructure - our claim is state-of-the-art.
Fully compliant with the law
Our solution always complies with the latest legal requirements.
Unlimited scalability
We offer infrastructure and processes that are designed for growth.
User oriented
We are constantly evolving to provide the most innovative solutions.

Link receipts to the means of payment

Through anybill's collaboration with partners in the payment ecosystem, we enable the automatic transmission of the digital receipt when paying with an electronic payment method.

A digital receipt for every payment

Where today there is a break in the customer journey, tomorrow we will deliver the purchase details directly with the payment.
Abstract illustration of the extended possibilities by using anybill regarding digital receipts on the smartphone

Our Partner Ecosystem

Use digital receipts as an embedded feature and at the same time offer individual customer interactions.
We make this possible by integrating them into the checkout software and displaying them in the partner app.

Acceptance Network
Enable users to receive digital receipts via your application.
Processing Network
Export digital receipts to your application and allow users to process them.
Enable value-added services for users in retail and hospitality.

Offer digital receipts as a partner

Once integration has been successfully completed, digital receipts can be made available directly after payment in connection with register software systems.
Act in a sustainable way - reduce waste
Superfluous and environmentally harmful thermal paper no longer ends up in the rubbish.
Legally compliant receipt
The QR code display makes the receipt obligation legally compliant.
Reduce costs by approx. 60%
No costs for printer maintenance or conventional thermal paper.

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