The digital receipt as an embedded service

A relevant component for your omni-channel strategy directly at the point of sale.
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Digital receipts can be issued for each payment type to anonymous and known customers with a customer account. A gradual expansion of the options is possible in a flexible way and can be individually integrated into existing processes.

Digital receipts as embedded service

You have your own app or customer portal?
Benefit from our expertise in the areas of digital receipts and value added services via our software development kits (SDK) for existing apps and customer front-ends.
easy integration of the digital receipt into own customer applications
Basic module already with mature range of functions
UI module for elaborate user experience in the customer frontend
Flexible choice of advanced services for the expansion of strategic omni-channel strategies
Abstract showing the connection between digital receipt, digital receipt in a merchant app and an example banking app

More information

Promote sustainable brand positioning and optimize ecological footprint
The receipt issue obligation is fulfilled in accordance with the law
Increase customer revenues through advertising space and recommendations
Optimize customer service: Returns, warranty, private & business billing.
Turning anonym into known customers
Cost saving of up to 60% compared to thermal paper
Digital receipts have a positive impact on many current requirements and can generate important added value for any business.

A mature ecosystem for your omni-channel strategy

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