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Digital receipts as a smart feature
How does the preservation of digital receipts work?
Without an App and registration
Display QR code with receipt on customer display or terminal display.
Scan QR code with smartphone camera and get digital receipt.
without additional app
without providing private data
Via QR code in anybill partner apps or linked customer card
Scan the QR code in the app with the scanner at the check out and receive the receipt directly in the app. It is also possible to use the customer card to collect bonus points and receive digital receipts at the same time.
directly into an app with anybill module
with linked loyalty card
Via linked banking cards or alternative payment methods
In the future the banking card can be connected to anybill and digital receipts can be received directly when paying with the banking card.
one-time activation of the bank card
receive digital receipts for purchases without further scanning
Possibilities of integrating anybill
You are offering your own (web-) app or customer accounts? Then we provide additional features on a modular basis with our Software Development Kits (SDKs). They can be easily implemented in your existing systems.
Mobile SDK
SDK with user interface
Modular structure
Flexible choice of services and features
More informationen
Get more information about our API documentation.
The benefits at a glance
Saves environmentally harmful and expensive receipt paper
The digital receipt fulfils all legal obligations
Digital visibility by placing your shops in all anybill partner apps
Variable pricing depending on volume and size
Get custom package
Smart and interactive receipts
Added values and additional services can be placed on the digital receipt to increase customer interactions.
Depending on the industry and context, features and services can be selected to meet individual needs - whether it involves individualized offers, product suggestions or an export to a document management tool - you will find the right features in our range of modules. Get more information about our API documentation.
Fast integration in just a few steps
Choose suitable features and services from our modules and receive all relevant documentation for a quick start.
A fast rollout can be ensured by means of step-by-step integration of the modules. Flexible expansion of the systems is possible at any time.
After the successful integration of the basic functions, the digital receipt can be issued in a short time. Add additional stores and services flexibly at any time.
By using our data analytics dashboard which is available on our partner portal, the performance of individual services and shops can be tracked and analyzed at any time.
Customized price calculation
Create a custom package for your business.
Available for companies with large transaction volumes or special business models.
Our network
Become part of the ecosystem now and enable integrated experiences.
Whether it's a retailer app, web portal, banking app or other channels - anybill provides the infrastructure to deliver receipts digitally anywhere, at any time.
Create a custom package for your business.
Available for companies with large transaction volumes or special business models.
Data protection