New Standard with digital Marketing stream

International companies rely on anybill's technology and issue digital receipts directly at the point of sale across the board.
Companies convinced by the digital receipt:

The technology for digitizing the receipt

The digital receipt service is available with the existing POS software system and can be easily activated
The digital receipt is displayed as a QR code on a display or transmitted directly with an existing customer account

Respond to current challenges and exploit new marketing potential with digital receipts

Use the receipt as a marketing channel
Increase customer sales through advertising space and recommendations
Optimize customer service
Return, warranty, private & business billing have never been easier
Omni-channel strategy
Turn unknown customers into known customers
Reduce costs by approx. 60%
Cost saving of up to 60% compared to thermal paper
Promoting sustainability
Promote sustainable brand positioning and optimize ecological footprint
Legally compliant cash register receipts
The receipt issuance obligation is fulfilled in compliance with the law

Reach all different types of customers with the digital receipt

Digital receipts are a must-have for tomorrow's customers and already enable positioning as a modern and sustainable company.

Using digital receipts as a marketing channel

Today, paper receipts make it difficult to link offline and online customer data and to target upselling. The standard of tomorrow is digital directly at the checkout - this enables new digital touchpoints to customers as well as potentials for omni-channel strategies.
Placement of promotions, discounts, recommendations, news, or events on the content areas of the premium and expert receipt.
Links to the online store, the customer's own app, to customer services, and to social media channels.
Generate free traffic from high value users and trackable conversions
Generate new newsletter signups by linking to the receipt via email
Attract new app users and easily integrate the digital receipt as a feature in your customer app with the anybill Software Development Kits (SDKs).
Abstract showing the connection between digital receipt, digital receipt in a merchant app and an example banking app

An ecosystem for your omni-channel strategy

With digital receipts, after the purchase is before the purchase. Digital receipts close the technology gap at the point of sale and enable numerous options for personal processing and automated processes.
Illustraded network visual
Optician improves digital customer loyalty in 75 stores
The digital receipt is sent directly and without loss to all MATT optik - akustik stores throughout Germany. In addition to the digital receipt, other important services are offered.
MATT optik • akustik
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