Saving costs and paper has never been easier

Businesses large and small rely on anybill's technology to issue digital receipts in a legally compliant manner.
Companies convinced by the digital receipt:

Save more than "just" paper with digital receipts

Act in a sustainable way - reduce waste
Superfluous and environmentally harmful thermal paper no longer ends up in the rubbish.
Legally compliant receipt
The QR code display makes the receipt obligation legally compliant.
Reduce costs by approx. 60%
Cost saving of up to 60% compared to thermal paper

Extra advantages for hospitality

Issue digital hospitality receipts
Flexible issuing of digital receipts for your different customer types.
No walking back to the receipt printer
Issue QR code e.g. on the handheld and move directly to the next guest.

The technology for digitizing the receipt

The digital receipt service is available with the existing POS software system and can be easily activated
The digital receipt is displayed as a QR code on a display or transmitted directly with an existing customer account

Activate digital receipts in your cash register now

Sign up without obligation to activate our technology in your existing POS solution, register the POS system and issue digital receipts.
Non-binding registration
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Issue digital receipts
Your POS system manufacturer will support you with the activation.
Run a non-binding compatibility check or receive direct updates via email.

Act sustainably - reduce costs and walking distances

Activate digital receipts in your POS system

The price for digital receipts is calculated monthly and depends on the number of receipts you issue. We make sure you pay the lower rate at all times.

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