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Now anyone can offer digital receipts - without extra hardware, simply activate them in your cash register.
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Saves environmentally harmful and expensive receipt paper
The digital receipt fulfils all legal obligations
Cost savings due to approx. 90% fewer blank prints
Customers receive digital receipts without an app and without registration
Content spaces on receipts for linking to events, promotions or social media accounts
Variable pricing depending on volume and size
Digital receipt issuing can be activated flexibly and individually in your POS system
QR code scanning for customers without app and without registration
Scan of personal customer QR code in anybill partner apps or linked customer card
Issuing via linked customer bank cards or alternative payment methods
We find the right solution for your company
Activate digital receipts now
Get started with your POS system in just 3 steps!
Non-binding registration
Compatibility check: is your POS system compatible with digital receipts by anybill?
Compatible POS system? Start immediately!
POS system not yet compatible? We keep you up to date!
Issue digital receipts
Your POS system provider will assist you with activation and activation.
Run a non-binding compatibility check and receive direct updates via email.
Benefits especially for the gastronomy
Digital hospitality receipt is compliant with the law
Prevent approx. 90% blank prints
Save walking distances through receipt display on handheld
For customers without app and without registration

For every industry and every payment

How much does anybill cost?

The monthly price depends on the number of digitally issued receipts. We make sure that you always get charged with the lowest rate.
Variable pricing depending on volume and company size
Cheaper than traditional paper receipts: reduce costs up to 65%
Activate at 2,99€

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