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How to automate your document management
Companies, freelancers and solo self-employed people are continuously trying to avoid costs. Digitization and automation of processe...
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Snabble – Scan & Go Self-Checkout for the future commerce
Snabble offers retailers a platform that enables easy integration of Scan & Go at the point of sale. anybill provides an infrastruct...
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Digital cash register receipts provide banks with additional sales impulses
"German banks must not rest on their feet if they want to still be relevant in five years' time." This was recently said by Bundesba...
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Digital receipts: 44% want Banking or Retailer App
Save paper, benefit from smart added values and save time at the checkout. This and many other advantages are promised by anybill's ...
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App registration: Only 4% trust Facebook
Regensburg, Germany. anybill promotes user acceptance of digital receipts with flexible issuing options, user-friendly registration ...
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Digital receipt options: 73% want one-touch solution
Digitalisation regularly poses new challenges for consumers in various situations in life. Cash is also being replaced by new forms ...
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International entrepreneurs in conversation with Guy Raz
This week, under our #inspirewithanybill theme, we recommend the podcast How I Built This.
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Despite cent shrinkage: cash remains important
"He who does not honour the cent is not worth the euro" says an old proverb. But the one and two cent coins are soon to become histo...
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It is not uncommon for sales slips to end up in the waste paper bin by mistake. What many people don't know is that conventional rec...
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Receipt issuance obligation 2020 - The new cash register law: Every customer or guest must receive a receipt
In 2020, retailers and restaurateurs, among others, will be faced with new regulations for cash registers! These include: the obliga...
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